Wild Wing Project is a 501 c3 non-profit wildlife care organization based in Southern Nevada. On this web site we hope to provide some basic information for members of the public that have found wildlife in need of assistance.


Big things have been happening for Wild Wing and local wildlife. The news is on the way... Saty Tuned!

As the population continues to expand and mature, it's only a matter of time before Nevada gets it's first Condor visit in who knows how many years
Who are we? The Wild Wing Project wildlife rehabilitation and outreach education work began in Southern Nevada in 1982. Wild Wing has been the only non-profit State and Federally licensed wildlife rehabilitation organization in Southern Nevada for over 20 years. We work with several qualified wildlife veterinarians who are also part of the founding board of Wild Wing Project, Inc. They freely share their professional time and talents by donating medical evaluations, testing, and even surgeries, to help treat our ill and injured Southern Nevada wildlife. Under their instruction, we do our part by providing the injured and ill wild animals with follow up medical rehabilitation care and pre-release conditioning.

Our volunteers instruct hundreds of members of the public by telephone, donate immeasurable hours, and even personal out-of-pocket money, in caring for your State and Federally protected wild birds and other wild animals each year-in an effort to ease suffering and hopefully return them to their rightful place in the wild.

We care, not only for the injured wildlife but also the orphaned-providing individualized diets and supplements along with the time, experience, and facilities for the young to learn the skills needed for a wild, free, life. Wild Wing has provided care for not only birds of prey but all native wild birds and other wildlife permitted by the state of Nevada for rehabilitation assistance.

We receive wildlife from all state, county, city, and federal agencies, not to mention businesses, schools, fire departments, police, and folks just like you. They come in ill, orphaned, stolen from the nest, displaced by construction activities, shot, poisoned, hit by vehicles, electrocuted, crashed into windows, caught in traps, attacked by cats, dogs, etc. Many of the injuries and even events that cause them to be orphaned are caused directly or indirectly from our human activities, whether intentional or accidental. You can do your part by donating time, funding, or even materials - as a team we can make a difference in the lives of these beautiful, delicate, wild creatures that give so much to our quality of life. Without our assistance, they have no relief from their suffering.

We also offer live bird of prey awareness programs to local schools, businesses, and civic groups, to help foster an appreciation for Nevada’s wildlife.

It is an awesome and rewarding experience to see once compromised wildlife treated and returned to freedom.

If our web page has been of help to you, or if you are just here visiting, please think about becoming a member of WWP (Wild Wing Project) and supporting our work in helping Southern Nevada's Wildlife. Enjoy your visit!

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